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The Security Industry over the last few years has rapidly progressed. Individuals and companies are making use our services more than ever before as they are becoming more comfortable with the benefits we bring. Security is now integral to ones personal and business life, working with Red Carpet Security will ensure that you will have peace of mind wherever you go and whatever you do.

Red Carpet Security was established initially to provide security for the events industry. The Director of Red Carpet Security had many years experience in events and saw there was a stereotypical image of the security industry and how they were underutilised. We have over the years now worked closely with the events industry and the benefits our services and personnel bring are now in more demand than ever.

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Red Carpet Valet ParkingRed Carpet Valet is a leading provider of Reliable, Experienced and Diplomatic valet specialists for private, corporate or public events. We supply an experienced and focused team of professionals to facilitate you and your guests throughout you’re entire function.