Street Security

Red Carpet Street Security can provide you with a specialist security service which very few security companies are able to provide. Whether you are away on a vacation or just out shopping for the day, Red Carpet Street Security can offer you a personalised service for out of business working hours or around the clock security. This unique scheme has been successfully implemented in prosperous geographical areas of London, and our specialist street protection teams have been trained for your protection.

Red Carpet Street Security can offer a friendly 'Meet and Greet' and 'Personal Contact' service via telephone to our clients. As part of the service you will be able to have direct contact with the officer to assist you with for example, unloading shopping from your car to doing a physical check on your property before you arrive home.

State of the art CCTV systems are used, together with regular recorded patrols conducted both on foot and in highly visible Red Carpet Security patrol cars, which are a deterrent for even the most hardened would be opportunist. Our officers regularly liaise with the local Police/Community support officers to ensure that threat levels remain minimal on the patrolled areas.

Red Carpet Street Security also provide the following services;

  • Residential protection (please see also Manned Guarding)
  • Gated street protection
  • Retail street patrols
  • All contracts have full indepth security assessements provided to you

We have partnerships with CCTV and Security Equipment companies who are able to install any size of security systems.